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    chrisknoxbwChris Knox, Dallas Defense Attorney, is a young, talented criminal lawyer. Chris has quickly gotten a reputation of being straight forward with his clients and aggressive with the Prosecutors handling those client’s cases.  Chris is emotionally involved in the cases of each and every one of the clients he represents.  The client’s best interests are Chris’ main priority when deciding the best way to handle the client’s criminal case(s).

    Search the website for assistance and help on the following charges: All Felonies, All Misdemenaors, Assault, Bench Warrants, Burglary, Capital Murder, Drug Crimes and Offenses, DWI and DUI, Expunctions, Domestic Violence and Family Violence, Fraud, Juvenile Matters, Manslaughter, Murder, Non-Disclosures, Probation Violations, Robbery, Sexual Assault, Theft, White Collar Crimes.

    What Types Of Cases Does Chris Knox Defend?

    As a defense attorney, Chris Knox represents clients charged with the following types of cases: All Felony Criminal Charges, All Misdemeanor Criminal Charges, Aggravated Assault, Arson, Criminal Assaults, Assault Family Violence, Burglary, Capital Murder, Credit Card Abuse, Criminal Mischief, Criminal Trespassing, Domestic Violence, Drug Crimes, Drug Possession, Drunk Driving Defense, Driving Under The Influence Attorney, Possession Crimes, Dallas DWI/DUI, Evading Arrest, Expunctions, Forgery, Fraud, Indecent Exposure, Juvenile Crimes, Manslaughter, Murder, Public Lewdness, Possession of Marijuana, Misdemeanor Probation Violations, Felony Probation Violations, Retaliation, Aggravated Robbery, Robbery, Sexual Assault, Theft, Weapons Charges, Welfare Fraud and White Collar Crimes.

    If you need a Criminal Lawyer who can honestly promise to give you his very best effort in all aspects of your criminal case, contact Dallas Criminal Attorney Chris Knox and the Law Offices of Chris Knox at 214.741.7474 (answers 24 hours).

    All About Chris Knox Law

    Chirs Knox was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He attended and graduated from The University of Texas at Austin. After graduation from Texas, Chris came back to DFW where he earned his law degree. Chris has worked on both sides of the Court by prosecuting cases and defending cases. Chris definitely enjoys defending cases more.

    The Law Offices of Chris Knox is located at 900 Jackson Street in Dallas, Texas 75202. We are on the 6th floor, suite 650 of the Founders Square Building in downtown directly behind McDonalds. The Founder’s Squre building is a 7 story, brown brick building which has been fully restored to its original glory. Our office is easy to find.

    Areas of Defense Lawyer Practice

    Criminal Lawyer Chris Knox takes all misdemeanor cases and felony charges in Dallas County, Texas.

    Misdemeanors in Texas can range from a Class A Misdemenaor to a Class C Misdemeanor. Examples of Misdemeanors are a Class C Traffic Citation, a Class B DWI, or a Class A Assault Family Violence. Misdemeanors in Texas have different degrees of punishment and can range to a maximum fine of $4000 and a maximum of a year in the county jail, or both.

    Felonies are classified as First Degree Felonies, Second Degree Felonies, Third Degree Felonies, and State Jail Felonies.

    When/Where – Contact Dallas Criminal Attorney Chris Knox

    When arrested or charged with a Felony or Misdemeanor crime in Texas, it is important to immediately contact a good Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney. Once you are arrested and charged with a crime, the police gather all the evidence they believe is needed and they file a case with the Courts. Once the Courts have the file, the Court will schedule a Court date on the criminal charges against you. Generally speaking, nothing major will happen on your case during the first few initial Court apperances. On many of the misdemeanor cases, our attorneys can attend the first few Court settings for you. However, this is generally not the case on felonies. Most people charged with a felony are required to attend Court settings each time.

    After the first few criminal Court settings, the case may enter into what is called the plea phase. The plea phase is a time where your defense attorney will try and work out a plea bargain agreement with the Assistant District Attorney for whatever is appropriate in your case. Your attorney may approach you about what is called ‘The State’s Recommendation.’ This recommendation is what the State of Texas is offering as a plea bargain. You do not have to accept this offer and your attorney can continue to work on your behalf to try and possibly get a better plea offer or perhaps schedule your case for a trial.

    If you and your defense attorney choose to take your case to a trial, you generally have the right to either a jury trial or a trial before the Court.

    We are located at 900 Jackson Street, Suite 650, Dallas, Texas 75202. Our phone is (214) 741-7474.